Contact Tips
How are you handling your used contact tips?
Auto Contact Tip Reformer makes it possible to recycle conventionally disposed contact tips and contributes to save cost and reduce waste.
Auto Contact Tip Reformer
Our original technique allows used contact tips to be automatically renewed. It takes approximately 40 seconds per 1 piece of tip to process. The maximum amount of tips to process at one time is 150 pieces. This machine is capable to adapt various kinds of contact tips and reform the used tips.

※It needs to change some component parts of the machine to adapt to each type of your actual contact tips.
Model CTR-001
Power Single-phase or 3 phase, AC200V-240V
Air pressure 4kgf/cm²
Weight 115Kg
Size W340*D555*H1115
All operation can be controled from a touch panel.
To start the process, push a release lock button and a start button on the panel.
It is possible to throw in maximum 150 pieces of used tips at one time and add other tips during the process. It is safe since the machine will automatically stop for safety if the hatch is opened while the machine is operating. After closing the hatch, the machine will restart.
It can eject renewed tips from a drawer at bottom of the machine body. If an error occurs during the process, rejected tips are automatically sorted out and are separately ejected.
Using this machine, the newly formed hole at the top of the renewed contact tip will be triangular. With the contact tip hole being triangular , the protruded wire will touch 2 points of the tip surface thus causing a nice effect on keeping steady power distribution.